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Do you know that as an active gay or bisexual man, you are banned from donating blood? This policy discriminates against you! It unfairly stigmatises gay and bisexual men as a threat to public health; and wrongly portrays male-to-male sex as inherently a health risk.

The ban reduces the pool of potential blood donors at a time when blood is often in short supply. All blood is tested for HIV and other blood borne viruses – rapid advances in technology have brought ‘window periods’ down significantly. Our blood is not a threat to the blood pool!

Equal Rights Blood Donation Registry

The Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (VGLRL) have created the Equal Rights Blood Donation Registry – a register of interested potential blood donors who are unable to donate because they have engaged in male-to-male sexual activity in the previous twelve months. Join our registry by sending your name, address, mobile number and blood type to:

These details will be provided to the Blood Bank when an urgent call for blood donations is made. Some people may be prevented from donating blood due to other factors – see the Red Cross website for more information.

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This information was prepared in 2007 and is not up to date. VGLRL cannot give personal legal or financial advice. The information we share is no substitute for professional, legal or medical advice. We strongly suggest that you approach and consult with the appropriate professionals. We recommend the Fitzroy Legal Service which has a specific legal advice service for the LGBTI community.

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