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Regardless of your political persuasion, vote for a GLBTIQ friendly politician in this upcoming election.

Political parties make all sorts of promises during election campaigns.

The Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (VGLRL) has written to the leaders of all political parties contesting the 2007 federal election seeking a commitment to end discrimination in all its forms.

Write to your local politicians now and demand:

  • A commitment to implement the recommendations from HREOC’s recent Same Sex Same Entitlements report;
  • Enactment of national sexual orientation and gender identity anti-discrimination legislation;
  • Non-discriminatory marriage and civil union reforms;
  • Establishment of a GLBTI advisory committee to advise government on GBLTI issues;
  • A foreign policy commitment to end gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination in all its forms;
  • Support for the “Brazilian resolution” at the United Nations on human rights and sexual orientation;
  • Better funding of the National HIV/AIDS strategy; and
  • A commitment to consult on a national charter of human rights and responsibilities.

With your help, we just might end up with a federal government that addresses the above issues and who will be truly inclusive, and recognise non-discrimination as a core value.

Look up your current sitting member and also investigate who else is running in your local area.

Further guidance can be found by visiting our Lobby Now section.

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This information was prepared in 2007 and is not up to date. VGLRL cannot give personal legal or financial advice. The information we share is no substitute for professional, legal or medical advice. We strongly suggest that you approach and consult with the appropriate professionals. We recommend the Fitzroy Legal Service which has a specific legal advice service for the LGBTI community.

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