VGLRL in the News 2012


The Star Observer, 16 May
The Star Observer, 14 May
New Agenda for Rights Lobby
The Star Observer, 2 May


ABC's The World Today, 27 June

Angry response to Salvation Army's gay stance
The Herald Sun, 18 June (Herald Sun subscribers only)


Anti-Homophobia Revolution
Gay News Network, 29 Aug

Anti-homophobia ads set for national TV
The Age, 29 Aug

Gay News Network, 23 Aug

Hard Facts About the Salvos
Melbourne Community Voice, 23 Aug

AFL's Stephen Milne makes homophobic slur
The Herald Sun, 9 Aug (Herald Sun subscribers only)


Premier accused of reneging on gay marriage pledge
The Age, 30 Sept

No conscience vote: Baillieu
Star Observer, 27 Sept

AFL flags gay pride round
The Age, 21 Sept

Footy fans to watch pro-gay ads
Star Observer, 21 Sept

Anti-homophobia ads to play at footy finals as AFL declares war on ugly slurs
The Herald Sun, 21 Sept

Anti-homophobia ads to air at AFL finals
ABC News, 21 Sept

The Australian Sex Party celebrate three years
Star Observer, 10 Sept


Overdue Leap for GLBTI Equality
Gay News Network, 31 Oct

Kicking Goals Against Homophobia
Melbourne Community Voice, 2 Oct


Restoring the balance
Gay News Network, 30 Nov

More straight couples using relationship register
Star Observer, 28 Nov

One bill to beat discrimination
Same Same, 20 Nov

Greater LGBT protections under new Federal Anti-Discrimination Law
Gay News Network, 20 Nov

No movement on marriage in Victoria
Star Observer, 20 Nov

15 Years of Social Change
Gay News Network, 20 Nov

Roxon to bring in laws for gender bias
Sydney Morning Herald, 20 Nov

Local rights lobby turns 15
Star Observer, 16 Nov

LGBTI legal aid on the way
Star Observer, 14 Nov

Male-on-male sexual harassment climbs
Star Observer, 2 Nov


Moves to strike gay sex records
The Age, 17 Dec   










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